Linking laptop - main tv

pauls_team, Sep 28, 9:00pm
what cable do i need to getto transferthepicture to our main tv. we are wanting to get it from our laptop to our pleasewhat cable where to get from and rough price

r.g.nixon, Sep 28, 9:25pm
VGA or HDMI, depending what ports they have.

pauls_team, Sep 28, 9:28pm
is a lg telly only year old.has both i think. has hdmi and 2 that look like computer mointer plugs one with the needles andone without

rdeejay, Sep 29, 4:09am
the one with needles as you put is a serial port for service only.

lombax, Sep 29, 12:43pm
you need a HDMI cord approx $45, plug that in the back of the tv,and into the laptop,the laptop will go blank for a couple of secs,then will show on your tv,you can adjust the laptop settings so you can close the lid and it wont affect the tv,otherwise you will have two pics ,one on the tv and laptop,to adjust settings go into control panel,power settings,then you will see (what closing the lid does),then click (do nothing)

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