Nortons slowing computer - advice

booksnstuff, Sep 28, 11:10am
Ok. So I know there are those for and against Nortons. I have just had a new motherboard installed on computer, Nortons ran out the day I took it in for repairs. Have installed new version of Norton's and really don't want to be without it. So can someone advise how to fix the following:
1. When opening new page it sometime takes up to a minute before I can scroll or click on any links (running chrome - seems better on internet explorer)
2. Tried watching videos on youtube or stuff and it doesn't play properly and lags
3. on facebook some of the games we play don't load up properly and while there is sound in the background there is a blank page, yet it appears one can still click on the blank area where the picture would normally be
4. When I had it on before it expired there was only an icon in the bottom right to show its presence. Now there is a small 'bar' at the top of each page showing the Norton circle with a tick inside, safe web with ok beside it, and identity safe with a drop down option to sign in to it. Can someone let me know what these are for and is it necessary to have it at the top of each page or is there a way to remove it without compromising the speed of the computer

suicidemonkey, Sep 28, 11:17am
Use a different anti virus program. Norton is terrible.

Microsoft security essentials is free and doesn't slow your computer down. Many reviews show it does a just as good, if not better job than Norton.

gibler, Sep 28, 11:18am
+1 indeed

booksnstuff, Sep 28, 11:26am
So doesit detect and quarantine viruses etc! Or does one have to manually do this! Apart from not slowing down the computer what other advantages are there!

lythande1, Sep 28, 7:24pm
Because the main reason is it doesn't find much at all.
Second it's a pig.

Get MS Security Essentials for your AV (or NOD32) and then add some anti-spyware: Spybot plus either Malware Bytes or Superantispyware.

Update them weekly and then scan.

chnman, Sep 28, 8:31pm
I am "in the middle" with Norton at the moment. The newly released 2013 products (though when it gets in store it will no longer have the year) is causing lots of issues, and Symantec didn't take beta testers comments on board and removed parts of the program (local version of identity safe, facebook toolbar added, I won't go into detail here). Also seems like it went back 6+ years as it takes time to load, icon in taskbar not showing on every boot amongst some of the problems at the moment.

Having said all this, I have uninstalled and went back to the 2012 version and all is well. You will probably have the 2012 version if it is antivirus or internet security, or v6 if it is Norton 360. as the "2013" versions (which won't say year/version in store from what I can tell). You might have upgraded to the latest 2013 version if you did the "check for new version" (right-click Norton icon on taskbar), as all valid subscriptions can use latest product version. However, re-reading your post it appears you have the 2012 version (the way you described the identity safe). If you wish to hide identity safe (assuming you don't use it), go into Norton settings, along the top select 'Web', then on the left side you'll see how to turn off the identity safe. (This is assuming you are using NIS, as N360 will have a way of turning off but will differ in getting to the setting).

There is also option to "get support" (right-click on Norton icon on taskbar), after it does a special scan to check your installation, it can let you chat by text to someone at Symantec by you typing in a question, it will give you some "answers" which you'll probably find useless, then you can choose to connect to someone.

You could try uninstalling Norton and seeing if any improvement without it. It should re-enable Windows Defender and Firewall automatically.

Symantec offer a 60 days money back guarantee and is done online nowadays so if you decide you don't want it after getting nowhere and finding the problem gone with it uninstalled, that might be an option.

I myself have recently trialled Kaspersky IS 2013 and Bitdefender IS 2013 and decided that while each had their good points, I would be wanting something else. So in the meantime I'm sticking with NIS 2012 and will watch the Norton forum. If there are no fixes forthcoming, and users are still unhappy I will probably switch to Avast IS. (see my part of discussion on following link - mine is message 18, user "down-under").

Good luck!

booksnstuff, Sep 28, 8:50pm
Thanks for all that. I had figured how to turn off identity safe. If I uninstall, where can I find out if Windows defender and firewall are enabled! Also, if I uninstall, would MS Security Essentials be a wise choice to provide me with the security I want.

BTW, the Nortons I have my mum purchased and I am using it as one of the 3 allowed. When I had it on previously before it expired, I never had these problems, and the bar at the top wasn't there either.

chnman, Sep 28, 9:13pm
To check status of windows defender and firewall after uninstalling Norton, go to control panel. In Win 7 from control panel, go to System and Security, then Action Center. Then for Security, click on the arrow at the right to show what is on/off.

I have used MS Security Essentials, but would prefer Avast if you are only wanting an antivirus (and not a full security suite). Tests I have read (AV-Comparatives, AV-Test) seem to indicate that detection rates have slipped for MSE. But remember that no AV will stop all threats.

If the other 2 users of your Norton product are happy and wish to keep using it, then there won't be any issue of getting refund within 60 days. But you could use the "get support" option to ask Symantec to remove 1 of the 3 installs from your Norton Account. Not sure whether you would do this from one of the other computers after uninstalled from your computer, however this will be the likely way. Not too important to do this, unless you have another computer that you wish to use Norton on.

The Norton Safe Web and Identity Safe can be totally hidden. When running Firefox browser first time after Norton installed, you need to go into Firefox 'Add-ons", then "extensions" to enable them. You can also use this to disable. It works similar with Internet Explorer and Chrome, though I think you get asked if you want them enabled or not. This is probably why you didn't have the "bar at the top".

r.g.nixon, Sep 28, 9:23pm
Only if you want reasonably good protection.
Get Panda Cloud for excellent protection & lower hit on system resources.

chnman, Sep 28, 9:37pm Look at the last two tests (Win XP/Win 7) and then click the heading "Protection" a few times so that the "best" is at the top, then scroll down and you'll see where MSE is. There is also AV Comparatives, much more reading involved there as they do different tests. The "Real World" ones are better IMO. You'll note that Norton (Symantec) excluded themselves from their 2012 of my gripes with Norton.

booksnstuff, Sep 28, 9:39pm
Thanks all for your advice. I have uninstalled Nortons and set up MS security Essentials. Computer is running much better now.

chnman, Sep 28, 9:46pm
After uninstalling Norton, you could run the "removal tool" to get rid of further registry/files left behind if you wish. No need to remove MSE. Supposedly the recent versions of Norton uninstall more better than older ones, though it won't harm to run it anyway.!ct=us&lg=en&product=home&pvid=f-home&version=1&docid=kb20080828154508EN_EndUserProfile_en_us

smilie13, Sep 28, 10:48pm
Bl**dy H*ll Get rid of NOrton - its BLOAT

booksnstuff, Sep 29, 12:11am
There was no problems with uninstalling it. Can't believe how fast the computer is running now.

tmg, Sep 29, 11:08am
Aye indeedy

although to be thorough one should consider killing Adobe PDF reader in favour of better free alternatives as well . both from the same camp aren't they ! ;-)

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