Javascript problem

Hi you helpful people out there in computing land. I am a keen fan of Pinterest but am having problems getting other pages to load whien I click on a photo. It comes up with Java void or something in the bottom left hand side of the screen and I have no idea how to fix this or what is causing it.

Can any of you please advise me why this might be happening! cheers

geek_skydancing, Sep 29, 5:19 pm

this is a website coding thing - nothing you can do to fix other than send a note to the website

The javascript void is not really an error either - just the way they have set it up to open the pictures. Is there anything not actually working for you

geek_king1, Sep 29, 5:29 pm

Just the Pinterest site so maybe a problem at their end!and ty king1 for responding.

geek_skydancing, Sep 29, 5:32 pm

What web browser are you using!

If it isn't a current version update it

geek_vtecintegra, Sep 29, 6:39 pm