How many song can 1gb mp3 hold?

drsic, Jun 29, 4:37am
How many song can 1gb mp3 hold? want something cheap for a reknown wrecker child! hehe thanx

deanna4, Jun 29, 4:39am
OkSo the average mp3 is 3-4Mb and 1Gb is 1024Mb.. so around 250

drsic, Jun 29, 4:40am
Thanx deanna4

kylestyle, Jun 29, 4:41am
Depends on the bitrate of the mp3s Most of mine are 192-320k (no 128s lol) and I have just over 1400 songs on my 8gb Ipod Nano. A couple of my friends have 4GB Nanos and they have roughly 700-750 songs on theirs. So divide 700 by 4 and you get roughly 175 songs to fill 1GB. Hope that helps. These are mp3s that are mostly 320, 192 or high bitrate VBR though.

deviant.s, Jun 29, 4:47am
Yea 3-4MB is too small id think 4-6MB so 170ish

drcspy, Jun 29, 4:52am
Approx 1mb per min of music......

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