Samsung Galaxy S3 - pxt question

mazzy1, Sep 29, 2:07am
We love our new phones! Hoping someone here can help me. I sent a PXT message to my husband, but what arrived was a text msg from Vodafone inviting him to log in to view it! Is there some setting on the phone that would allow him to click on the message and just open the photo!

2nd2none, Sep 29, 2:21am
Does your husband have mobile data enabled!

quotejoss, Sep 29, 2:24am
get him to send one first, voda used to have a thing that you had to have sent a pxt before you could recieve one.

mazzy1, Sep 29, 2:31am
yes he does.

mazzy1, Sep 29, 2:32am
I've asked him to send me one so I can see what's what. How weird!

ropes2, Sep 29, 2:34am
you both should download whatsapp from play. its better than txt or pxt and free.

mazzy1, Sep 29, 2:38am
Oh thanks - I'll check it out.

mazzy1, Sep 29, 2:59am
Thanks everyone - seems to be fixed now.

wopple, Oct 23, 6:28am
Mazzy1, how did you fix it, I have the same problem!

quotejoss, Oct 23, 6:43am
send one first. u gta send one before you can recieve

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