IPhone help please, mms not sending and 3G.

aura666, Sep 28, 7:08am
Hi. I have an iPhone 4 and for the last month or so my mms has been failing. Sometimes it sends sometimes it doesn't. I can send them through iMessage fine but not to a different phone.I called Vodafone and she told me to turn iMessage off. And make sure cellular data was on and restart my phone. I've done that and still not working.
I googled and found mms uses 3G not wifi to send to a non iPhone. I've tried turning wifi off. Still not working.
Now to my 3G problem, which may be causing the mms problem. In the past when I've run out of data and tried to use 3G It takes me to a page to buy more data. It's not doing that for me now. My account says I have 28mb left but When I try to use 3G it takes me to my vf log in account page. When using apps the loading just fails.
Called vf back, different person told me to do the same thing. Did that again still not working.
I hope this makes sense. Any ideas! It's driving me nuts and the vf people clearly don't know what's going on

spyware, Sep 28, 7:38am
Its up to Vodafone to enable the 3G, nothing anyone here can do. Checking the settings can't hurt though.


aura666, Sep 29, 2:49am
Not sure what was up with my 3G but my account rolled over today so have full MBs and images are sending now. Odd!

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