Cloud Computing for Small Business . . . .

deew1, Sep 27, 6:16am
any suggestions!For 8-10 users - and not Microsoft365

vtecintegra, Sep 27, 6:18am
Why not MS!

If you just want email, calendar, documents etc Google Apps is probably the easiest option, but the Document and Spreadsheet tools aren't as powerful

gibler, Sep 27, 6:19am

deew1, Sep 27, 6:22am
MS doesnt allow enough storage for all the guff on our current server, and only allows for 500mb per user - one of the many folders I have is already 480mb . . . .

vtecintegra, Sep 27, 6:24am
Why do you think the 'Cloud' is the way to go!

If you are working with large files you are much better off doing it locally given the state of a typical NZ internet connection

deew1, Sep 27, 6:26am
The general idea is to have our server off-site so that if the internet is down in the local area, we can still access emails/files from remote locations - it would also would make working from home heaps easier (dedicated wee bunch that we are)

deew1, Sep 27, 6:27am
Also, we are a little lax about changing the back-up drive too - heaven help us if we needed to use it!

gibler, Sep 27, 6:28am
install a VPN Server then.

deew1, Sep 27, 6:29am
Gibler - this is where my lack of knowledge becomes apparent. . . .VPN Server!

deew1, Sep 27, 6:30am
Googling now . . . .

badcam, Sep 27, 6:34am
Have a look at It really all depends upon what it is you're wanting. You might find something like is just what you need.

Heck. Why not look at Googles's services.

deew1, Sep 27, 6:39am
Cheers for the info - appreciate it.Guess I have a lot more research to do . . . .

vtecintegra, Sep 27, 6:43am
Also I'm pretty sure MS will sell you as much space as you want

pyro_sniper2002, Sep 27, 7:25am
How fast is your internet connection! Like others have said if you're dealing with big files keep it in house. Maybe consider an online backup solution if you're a bit slack with the backups all the same.

executor1, Sep 27, 10:19pm
You could also have a look at someone like this lot. Looks like that can host a significant number of applications and data.

executor1, Sep 27, 10:20pm

otako, Sep 29, 12:57am
Suggestions to keep large 500MB files on site are a good idea. Keep in mind that many office mobile users spend about 45% of data transfers demonstrating flash and mp4 business content to propspective customers so plan to keep cost down for where the majority of content is being downloaded from.You have to investigate what go up on a cloud server and what remains in house and what problems are with the in house sever that is a concern for causing connection problems and downtime, ie are the servers overheating or software upgrade issues.

A good starter guide from rackspace for choosing a cloud service is here. (you might have to create an account) Owncloud is simple to use via the browser, cheap and its your own you can change or move it any way you like so is not a vendor lock in.Only cost is you have to provide the infrastructure either in house or from host virtualization.
Install in the https private.html folder (or modify the https rule in htaccess for any folder)at a NZ web hosting site for $20pm and you have a encrypted file storage service. Owncloud can be installed on two different server sites and if syncing is required you have to copy or rsync the databases manually between them but the developers will be releasing a app tool soon in the settings that you can enter the addresses of the two sites and the owncloud servers will keep track automatically with each upload to both sites.

raymond00001, Sep 29, 1:00am
Plus one on that. Cloud might be ok for sharing and as another backup but bugger that for everyday use. Reckon once it becomes the norm and hard drives become less available the costs will slowly rise. And yep whjat happens when the connection is down.

otako, Sep 29, 1:17am
Cloud Services projected to pocket $109 billion this year with over 75% due to Business Process as a Service which is based around advertising services, the other 25% is IaaS Infrastructure as a Service which is making inroads asmore small businesses put their stuff on external providers in an attempt to save time and cut costs. (source Gartner market research)

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