Wireless usb adapter not working?

buyme02, Sep 28, 3:27am
I have bought one for my son's computer, so he can access the internet. Loaded the cd but it comes up our system is not supported, what do we need to do please! Any idea's at all. TIA.

king1, Sep 28, 4:07am
At a guess, your system doesn't meet the minimum system requirements for the device, most likely OS/software rather than hardware

whats the USB adapter make model,
Whats your system make model,

buyme02, Sep 28, 2:54pm
Have checked and our system is 32bit and it supports 64bit.
WIFI usb wireless lan adapter
HP Pavilion 6700, OS Windows ME

Hope this helps, cost wise is it worth getting more bits put in! TIA.

r.g.nixon, Sep 28, 9:33pm
Windows ME is the problem. If you can extract the relevant files into a temporary folder, rather than run 'setup', then you might be able to do 'add new hardware' through Control Panel and point it to an .INF file to install the driver.

spyware, Sep 29, 1:04am
The entire thing belongs in the bin.

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