Adobe Digital Editions wont install

datoofairy, Sep 27, 7:55am
After doing a factory reset on my laptop today, I am now trying to install Adobe Digital Editions, however it will not install.
I have downloaded the ADE 2.0 Installer from the Adobe website but when I click on it nothing happens. I have tried right clicking and choosing Run As Administrator, and I have also tried turning off my antivirus and firewall but still nothing.
I checked the Adobe site for info on when it wont install and it said to uninstall previous editions, which there are none. The only other solution it offers to manually install it by clicking Run in the file download, but I cant get any options like that.
I have tried downloading the file several times but all are the same. Absolutely nothing happens when I click on them.
I am using Vista and Firefox.
Any ideas please!

king1, Sep 27, 8:18am
have you installed the service packs and hundred or so security updates since Vista was released.
A lot of software will require them

datoofairy, Sep 27, 8:26am
Yes, all updates are now up to date, the clock and time zone is correct have activated Windows.
I'm really not sure what else to try.

king1, Sep 27, 8:33am
just tried it here I see what you mean.

The trick is to right click on the file and select properties the hit the unblock button.

Then right click on the file and run as administrator

datoofairy, Sep 27, 8:38am
Thank you so much!
That is so bizarre.The file didnt come from another computer, I downloaded it on this computer.
I have been Googling this problem for ages and that solution has not been mentioned any where, not even on the Adobe site.I would never have worked that out.
Thanks again.

guest, Oct 23, 2:21am
OMG, that piece of advice was fantastic. The same thing happened to me and unblock did the trick.

esaur, Nov 27, 2:11pm
It worked! Thanks for the advice.

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