Win 7 64bit not holding customised directories

Hi, I have an issue with win7 64bit. yesterday all my custom settings for directories reverted to their "default" I have tried to re-set my pictures dir to big Icons, but it wont retain the new settings and reverts back to "details" I've just noticed that all of my customised directories are showing as details. Can some help me sort this. Thanks

geek_relic, Sep 27, 9:46 am

no idea i got w7 64 and have loads of problem with the crap also. had to tell it that my programs worked on xp to get it to somhow work the programs , do you got propper protection on like "mse" for example!

geek_intrade, Sep 27, 11:14 am

i aslo installed xp dualboot . you can get free downloads 30 day versionsfrom microcrap and use your w7 code for fresh install as i installed it new on to ssd drive on my laptop. ps xp i got a free pirated version they work best solong as you dont install the "advantage update" dont like the usless xp mode crap

geek_intrade, Sep 27, 11:15 am