Remote access to Linux Mint 9

asterixs, Oct 16, 1:28am
Hi all
Here's the situation - my elderly mother lives in Hawke's Bay and I live in Wellington, I have her laptop set up with Linux Mint 9 and locked down pretty tight as a desktop user so that nothing can be installed etc.I do the updates on it whenever I'm back visiting but I'd like to be able to log in remotely and keep the system up to date more frequently.I've had a quick look at Open SSH which looks like a reasonable option but I would appreciate any user experiences and advice on programs etc. I mainly use a Mac which is what I would probably log in with but have Windows and Linux options as well.Thanks in advance.

agarn, Oct 16, 2:20am

robinm1, Oct 16, 5:18am
I do something similar here, two ways really, either ssh with the -Y option to enable X forwarding, or by installing krfb on the remote computer and using Krdc or any vnc veiwer and you are away.

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