What is best for a family?

suzie76, Oct 16, 11:25am
I don't come into computing so sorry if this has been asked many times before. I am looking at getting a new comp for the family. We have been using a basic laptop for last 2 years and wasn't much to it. It got broken beyond repaid the other week so now time for a new decent one. The people using it are myself, miss 14, master 11, and miss 17months (when she is bigger). I have been looking at ones with touch screen monitors which seem to be HP's and have seen 1 Toshiba one. The kids will be wanting to play games and doing school work on it as well as the net. My brother suggested to get a cheap desktop.that does the basics, then also get an ipad as well but my budget is only about $2000(and that is stretching it abit) so take of the ipad price there isn't alot to spend on the desktop. Others are saying macs are good but they seem really pricey and I don't know alot about them.
People in the know what would you recommend for us to get! Hoping I won't have to upgrade for at least 5yrs.

deodar1, Oct 16, 1:00pm
"Pirates of the Carob Bean" is good family entertainment.

hakatere1, Oct 16, 5:54pm
Definitely a desktop. If you get a laptop or ipad, the 11 and 14 year olds will fight over it. In a few years all school kids will have ipads, but at the moment, just a few. Go and see a specialist computer shop and he will build one that will suit the family. Steer clear of nl, hn, and b&b. Even after paying for a good desktop, you will probably have enough dosh left to buy a netbook. I suggest either Toshiba, or Asus. NOT acer or compaq/hp. They have a bad reputation as far as reliability goes. Look for computer shops in your area or Wellington, there will be lots. Look on www.pricespy.co.nz for laptop/netbook prices. Yes, macs are very pricey, but they have their advocates on here. If you buy an ipad, you're buying apple anyway.

pcfix4u, Oct 16, 7:30pm
Desktop is the go, much cheaper to keep going and up grade and harder to break.

Have a look here.

suzie76, Oct 16, 9:43pm
Thanks for the advice. Not sure if I can go through a computer store as part of the money is insurance and they like to deal with the major chains etc. What do you all think about the touch screen monitors! And most of the newer comps don't have the tower anymore as everything is built into the monitor. I wasn't really wanting a Ipad my brother was the one who said to get one for the ease of use and portability.

hakatere1, Oct 16, 10:32pm
It's your money. Spend it where you like. Most desktops are not built into the monitor, only hp that I know of and they're crap. That's why you go to a dedicated computer shop. They are techs, not shop assistants who are on sales commission. And sounds like the bro wants an ipad lol.

dunedin_ree, Oct 16, 10:45pm
What do you mean by insurance!Insurance companies will insure a computer regardless of where you bought it from.

Buy a standard tower PC if you want to keep it for 5 years.Because the only way it *will* last is if you're able to upgrade the components and this is exponentially more difficult with "all in one" models.

suzie76, Oct 16, 10:50pm
By insurance I mean my insurance is paying out on my laptop that got broken so instead of getting a very basic laptop I am going to upgrade, and pay some myself, and get a better computer. If my bro wants a ipad he can certainly afford to buy his own.if his wife allows him that is a different issue lol. And does anyone know how goot touch screen monitors are! I know hp and toshiba do them but they have the whole computer built into the monitor. Are there any monitos only that are touch screen!

lupe4u, Oct 16, 10:57pm
Desktops are generally cheaper to purchase that laptops - I also like the idea that the desktop can be placed in a public area of the house so that you are able to monitor what the children are viewing and who they are talking to.
Perhaps a quick phone call to miss 14's school to find what requirements the school may have for pupils will also help you find what is the best fit for your family. LEts not forget it is not just the price of the computer but also the software you will need e.g. anti virus, microsoft office

suzie76, Oct 16, 11:13pm
You can still use a keyboard and mouse, as well as the touch screen, so you have the best of both. Just seems the way technology is going alot of things are becoming touch screen so will be a way to keep up with things as such.

lostdude, Oct 17, 3:05am
If you want to go touch screen then by all means, but at the moment, Windows (& most apps/software for Windows) just isn't designed for it so you'll be better off waiting until Windows 8 is out. By then the hardware will be fine tuned for the software as well. If you really want touch screen experience now, then get a tablet. You don't need an ipad either, there are plenty of android powered tablets that are superior to the ipad (IMO). Just look for any running Android Honeycomb 3.x. Price will scale with features & varies from ~$500 - $1000.

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