what does this mean, where do i find usb devices and how can i fix it. HELP!Have not struck this before and not computer literate at all.

geek_heav3, Oct 8, 4:20 pm

There are several possible reasons - for example if you have a USB connected printer that is switched off - Windows will alert you if it can't find the device.
Where and when are you seeing this message! and is everything working normally as fas as you know.

geek_gj, Oct 8, 4:34 pm

I had that in the weekend on Windows 8 64-bit. Took a bit of googling to fix. Basically I had to make the USB hidden devices (previously attached ones) visible in Device Manager; delete the greyed-out USB devices. Could not find INFCACHE.1 to delete as suggested; rebooted; attached a good USB device; then attached the one it had a problem with.

If yours is Windows 7 64-bit, the fix may be the same.

geek_r.g.nixon, Oct 8, 5:42 pm