Magic tv 500gb VS dish tv 500gb

pootinarna, Oct 18, 4:28am
we have the 1 GIG magic tv and its great. it does however have a few issues with not being very smooth rewinding or fastforwarding above 4x speed. and it lacks the 30 sec skip feature to jump ads. (it does 10mins) go figure.

but its a dream compared to the horrid homecast cowpat we had b4 it.

it will record two channels and play back one simultaneously, and will kepp your recordings for however long you deicide and slowly delete them off if space runs out.

it has a learning remote, huge drive, nice easy to follow menu, clearlcd screen (viewable from across room), all and all its what others should strive to be. We had the homecast pushed on us initially so be carefull with stores pushing any unit on you without researching it and getting any feedback from owners of both machines.

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