Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1" Wifi + 3G - 16GB

sheryl13, Oct 8, 7:47pm
I am so looking at purchasing one of these BUT my question is this.can I connect to my tv to watch youtube music clips and howmuch surfing time would I get if I purchased $20 worth from vodafone

drsr, Oct 8, 10:11pm
You need an HDTV adapter to connect it to the TV, which costs about $40. However from reports on the web this is not working yet in the released Tab 2 so you should probably wait until they fix it. Samsung is terrible at releasing and supporting accessories, it took them many months to get a working car dock for the Galaxy S, then they broke it again in a software update.

suicidemonkey, Oct 8, 10:16pm
If you have a DLNA compatible TV there are apps you can use that interface your TV with the tablet

And Youtube really sucks up data. You could use 1GB easily in a few hours of Youtubing.

sheryl13, Oct 9, 7:48am
dont mind be on Wifi when doing this.

oh dear so dont you think it would work anyway drsr!

drsr, Oct 9, 8:18am
Yes the HDMI looks a bit iffy right now, they will probably get it working eventually. I was going to suggest an iPad but it seems Apple is not much better, their iPad HDMI adapter got broken by the iOS 6 upgrade apparently.

sheryl13, Oct 10, 7:05am
what on earth is this T86 LATEST 7" Android 2.2 Tablet WIFI 3G HDMI 1GHZ

vtecintegra, Oct 11, 5:28am
Cheap garbage.

IMO the slickest way of achieving what you want is an iPad 2/3 + an Apple TV. As other have said though Youtube is not feasible on a 3G connection, too data intensive

malachiman, Oct 11, 11:51pm
Well you wouldn't need an adapter for the iPad if you have an Apple TV. they work real well together.

meathead_timaru, Oct 13, 3:04am
Diddly squat.

meathead_timaru, Oct 13, 3:05am
As someone has said, Apple TV (or better still WD TV Live) would be a much better option.

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