Opinions please, Canon LBP6000 mono Laser printer

mrfxit, Oct 18, 7:24am
Just brought a Canon LBP6000 mono laser

16mb cache
2000 page count toners at $119
Usb only
About 6 seconds to print a full page from last click

$69 no cash back

$10 dearer then the cheapest Brother mono laser. BUT
8mb cache
1000 page toners at $85
$59 AFTER cash back
Usb only

For the Canon, Got 10% discount on a spare OEM toner & 10% on the next toner as well

gj, Oct 18, 8:32am
Well if you've already bought it you don't want to hear the bad news do you!

mrfxit, Oct 18, 7:15pm
LOL yea well ok then, get on with it.
Running pretty sweet out of the box so thats a good start.
It's a lot better spec's then the other cheapy

stevel_knievel, Oct 18, 7:25pm
Yeah, the drum is combined with the toner so it's replaced every time you get a new cartridge which offers an advantage over the Brother as that'll need replacing after 10,000 or so pages. You can always buy refills or, wait until the toners are on special if you want to use originals - Warehouse Stationery occassionally has 50% off.

mrfxit, Oct 18, 7:53pm
Thanks for that.
It's got a big pair of boots to fill as a replacement.
My last Laser was an HP 5l & the original toner lasted 3 years.
Electronics on the printer failed once , swapped the cart to another spare 5L & it was running for another 6 months/ then that cart failed,soI fitted a spare "new" cart& THEN the electrics failed again.
Far too much hassle by that stage even for a freebee over a total of 4 years.
It's generally only TM stuff that gets printed anyway so.>>>>> ;-)

10,000 pages not really all that much considering it's only4 box's
Easy when adding up the miss prints etc

gj, Oct 18, 9:49pm
Just teasing! You had a good run with your HP5L - guess who made it! Most HP lasers use Canon engines.
The LBP6000 is a good choice for a light-use personal printer. I think you'll find the starter cartridge only does about 700 pages but the genuine Canon 325 cartridge is 1600 page and online for $98 (Computer Food).

mrfxit, Oct 19, 5:03am
Hmmm Listed on the store label as 2000 page , now see online as 1500 page .
Burger, might have to check that again.

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