Adobe Photoshop HELP!

b1anca, Oct 17, 5:14am
Downloaded a trial version - its run out - now why wont it UNINSTALL!!

mazdasix, Oct 17, 6:35am
Well based on the detailed information you have given. I don't know.

fishb8, Oct 17, 6:57am
You have to insert the DVD to uninstall.
What version!

deviant.s, Oct 17, 7:04am
there is probably an uninstaller in the same place as the application, otherwise uninstall it through add/remove programs. you haven't given any info.

rdeejay, Oct 17, 7:38am
Really have to ask the question what did you try to uninstal it! Xp add remove programs, vista/windows 7 programs and features

-mung-, Oct 17, 7:42am
Adobe have a tool for download to remove all traces of their products that uninstallers leave behind.

tihkal, Oct 17, 7:55am

malachiman, Oct 17, 8:15am
But if you download a trial version you have to insert the internet to uninstall.

b1anca, Oct 17, 8:22am
Sorry it was a trial version we downloaded and it ran out. used the adobe cleaner tool and got it uninstalled yay!

We really want to buy the actual CS6 Commerical version of the programme but man its dear !

rdeejay, Oct 17, 8:29am
plenty of free graphics programs that can do alot of the stuff photoshop can

nzdoug, Oct 17, 5:45pm
Just do it and your legal.
Reccommend "Classroom in Book" for CS6.

gizmodaisy45, Oct 17, 7:28pm
um. hello. can someone please tell me what is the difference between adobe elements 10 (which i have justbrought) and CS6. i see our local library has all these books. I am just learning so maybe its an advance photoshop.

r.g.nixon, Oct 17, 8:09pm
CS6 is massive overkill for all but professional photoshoppers.

gizmodaisy45, Oct 17, 8:23pm
so would you recommend it for someone like me. just starting out. can it do alot more than the adobe elements.

otako, Oct 17, 9:24pm
The Gimp can do everything Photoshop can. Check out Pat Davids site for some easy tutorials on colour curves. There are also many on Youtube.

Download (Windows Version) Gimp Tutorials Page
Pat Davids Photoediting site. Amination.

fishb8, Oct 18, 1:45am
You have to run the install program again to de-install it.

b1anca, Oct 18, 4:21am
I have uninstalled now thanks

Now can someone please tell me - do you have to be a student/teacher to use those versions!! Adobe DO require PROOF that your are a student or whatever to use that programme!

nzdoug, Oct 18, 5:09am
Photoshop is one part of Adobe CreativeSuite, which is the standard commercial art platform for creating media.

-mung-, Oct 18, 8:06am
just find a student to buy it. Be aware that educational versions have no upgrade path.
Also, Adobe push's creative cloud withs is a monthly subscription to all of their products and online services. Of course the only problem is that last time I looked, pricing in NZ worked out to be worse than just buying the software outright. But look into it, things might have changed.

gj, Oct 18, 8:23am
It all depends what you need it for. LightRoom is ideal for professional level photography but not for creative manipulation of photos. PShop needs a life-time to learn properly and Elements is the "Light" version with most of what you may need. CS (Creative Suite) is the whole bundle for photo, digital art, website and video editing.
Here is a comparison of features

Also if you want a free alternative,PAINT.NET is good and has plenty of addons, and a little more intuitive to use than GIMP.

gizmodaisy45, Oct 18, 7:10pm
thanks so much. that has helped me to understand the differenc. Its all so confusing. Yahooo, last night i finally learnt how to do layers and blend them. love that feature on adobe where you can photomerge. (found that out by acident while i was looking for something

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