PDF Software Advice please

I want to buy software to group PDF drawings single files into one file of multiple PDF sheets and then put hyper-links (I think that's what they are called) on the PDF drawings so when I click the link it will jump to the sheet that I have linked.
I know Adobe Acrobat Pro does this but this is expensive software just to do basic editing.
Any advice on what software I could try. Thanks

geek_ashpot, Oct 18, 8:42 pm

Nitro Pro is an excellent alternative - you can download and pay online but not sure where you can get it locally.

geek_gj, Oct 18, 8:51 pm

Thanks gj. I Google Nitro Pro and I see it groups files. I can't see if I can create links though. Might download a trial version. Thanks

geek_ashpot, Oct 18, 9:05 pm

can you do it in Word then save it as a PDF once done! (buit in in 2010 or use CutePDF writer) will depend what format the drawings come in. easy to create a table of contents in Word.

geek_ruderger, Oct 18, 10:06 pm

Hi ruderger, I get house plans in PDF or paper copy which I scan to PDF. I've had an upgrade of Word and Excel but I haven't seen it where I could use it as PDF reader/writer.
What I want is to create links that I can click to take me straight to a detail on a PDF drawing. This is so I can read drawings on a 27" screen rather than flicking through dozens of A3 paper sheets.

geek_ashpot, Oct 18, 10:38 pm

What OP wants is not a table of contents, but hotspots on the drawing - you can't do that from a Word conversion (AFAIK).

geek_gj, Oct 18, 10:52 pm

Instead of PDF can you scan them as jpg! If so then word can save as web page meaning you can insert the jpg and create an index page plus have links from each page to any other page. It will be viewed in a browser but that should be fine should be fine on a 27 inch screen.

geek_azza20, Oct 18, 11:17 pm