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How do I get rid of these annoying adverts on my computer

geek_rawill, Oct 18, 4:24 pm

by providing more info about the problem, the computer, the OS, where you're seeing them etc.

geek_king1, Oct 18, 5:01 pm

contact Richard Till!

geek_gibler, Oct 18, 5:03 pm

Win 7, Compaq Presario CQ61. I see them on Trademe, often linked with photos. It seems like it is some kind of update that has turned them on. I have also had a similar issue on a motorhome forum but I was able to turn them off. I can not find a place to turn them off on here.

geek_rawill, Oct 18, 6:06 pm

maybe I found it and was able to turn it off, smart suggestor, there was a place on the bottom right of the annoying popup panel.

geek_rawill, Oct 18, 6:29 pm