Best PC media player for 55 inch TV

bunny2121, Oct 16, 2:22am
Im going to hook my laptop up to my 55 inch TV to watch some video files. Do VLC, Media Player Classic, WMP or any others give a better quality image on a large TV for SD video. It will be over HDMI to LED TV

brophs, Oct 16, 3:24am
It will depend on what the quality of the video is.

If you're putting in blu-rays in to your laptop, the picture on your TV will be a lot better than if you were putting, say, DVD's in to your laptop.

mone, Oct 16, 3:25am
PS3 Media Server. Works with laptop, PS3, xbox etc. all on the big screen.

mm12345, Oct 16, 4:28am
55" is well into the territory where SD video looks crappy regardless of what program you use to play it with, unless you're viewing from a long way away.Upscaled dvd (via upscaling BD/DVD player via HDMI) perhaps looks marginally better than the same dvd played through a non-upscaling DVD player, but it still looks like crap.You can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear.
As for HD video on a TV that size, via PC, VLC, Media Player Classic, WMP or WMC all look and sound the same to me, but YMMV.
I tend to just use WMP for audio and video files, once I had codecs for flac etc installed, I don't think there's any difference.Only minor hassle is WMP shell extension (right click) won't recognise flac to "add to wmp list", but you can drag and drop them to the list etc.

fordcrzy, Oct 17, 12:26am
VLC is clunky.
it looks the best. Its is fully customisable and can play just about any file that you can throw at it. XBMC also has the library function where you see the synopsis and cast info for the movie has easy to set options for video and sound and a very useful audio sync slider if your audio is out of sync with the video which is pretty common with avi files.go google it and see for your self. i am running a home theater PC with xbmc all controlled via a logitec remote and the family love it.

tillsbury, Oct 17, 12:48am
XBMC for sure

mattnzw, Oct 17, 2:18am
I quite like mediaportal

fordcrzy, Oct 17, 2:39am
oh media portal is good too. it is made by the same guys who did XBMC. Media portal is more TV focussed whereas XBMC is targeted at playing stuff as opposed to recording tv.
when i sort my tv tuner card i may go to mediaportal but make it run like XBMC

ruderger, Oct 17, 4:34am
XBMC is awesome. It's useful to have a remote, sit on couch and browse through your media, it down loads info about each file, it really is awesome.

loud_37, Oct 17, 8:40am
XBMC here as well, they are in the process of adding PVR support. Also using the XBMC app for a remote works well.

velenski, Oct 17, 11:58pm
raspbmc :) ,and it has pvr .

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