Floppy disk drives

falco_inlaw, Oct 14, 9:02pm
i have a computor with an old floppy drive and i would like to know if there is a way you can clean the internals with ouy having to remove the drive from the compuer ,,the drive does work but since i have had this computor the floppy drive has not been cleaned .i have cameras that need the floppy drive to work and would love to be able to keep the reading heads cleanany help would be appreciated

_sms_, Oct 14, 9:05pm
You used to be able to buy cleaning discs much like VHS head cleaning kits.These only cleans the read/write heads.

I'm not sure if you can still get them.

falco_inlaw, Oct 14, 9:08pm
thankyouwill go do some searching

kevin16, Oct 14, 9:22pm
you should copy(backup) the floppies to a usb drive, one day the floppies -will- be corrupt.

gyrogearloose, Oct 14, 9:30pm
Brand new floppy disk drives are about $20. You could buy a much better camera from $100.

falco_inlaw, Oct 15, 9:36pm
i have a panasonic FZ7 ,,,but prefer to use this one that uses floppy diskbut thankyou for the suggestion

mrfxit, Oct 16, 12:29am
Are you Falco's inlaw!

azza20, Oct 16, 9:41am
You say the cameras need the floppy drive to keep working but how do you mean! Floppy drives are incredibly old technology and I dont see how they can affect some cameras (security I assume) from working. If it is a driver file or software then surely you just copy the files to new format such as CD USB stick etc.

tillsbury, Oct 16, 9:59am
And the resolution of the camera that uses floppies is what!640x480!

pcmaster, Oct 16, 11:34am
is that one of those ancient digital cameras that writes directly to floppy or something! otherwise i fail to see why you still continue to use such ancient technology

remove your floppy drive and replace it with a card reader instead

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