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boots0016, Oct 12, 6:35am

blenheim-trader, Oct 12, 7:16am
5 years later and they are complaining.

tillsbury, Oct 13, 1:10am
Yes, bit of a pain they've just noticed that.Was my main email address and changing email addresses is something I never wanted to do.Bought my own domain purely for email last month and that's that, won't ever have to change it again.

I transferred over whatever I could, then set Thunderbird to mark all incoming emails on my old xtra address as "Important", so I remember to advise whoever it is that my address has changed.These are now dying away, and I'm doing a bit of a cull of email "newsletters" by unsubscribing as well.It'll be ok by the end of November.

If they'd have charged $5/month I probably wouldn't have bothered.$20 is a joke for a plain email address.

mechnificent, Oct 13, 2:20am
Best thing will be to "share" your old xtra address with every spam-bot under the sun. once you are not using it any more.hehe.

little_egypt, Oct 13, 2:57am
Register your own domain, then use the free google apps as the back end for it. That's currently the cheapest option I think. There's a near-zero chance that google apps will stop having a free option and if you own the domain you can always shop around for someone else to handle your mail.

meathead_timaru, Oct 13, 3:02am
My thoughts exactly. I guess I'll just have to transfer the rest of them to GMail. No big deal.

ross1970, Oct 13, 6:17am
The last sentence of the article either implies "the couple" are worried about losing all their emails from the server = they soley use the clunky web interface not an email client! or if they have popped all the mail off xtra servers they somehow think all their local mail is going to be deleted. Who the heck wants an email service that doesn't support imap on a desktop anyway.

little_egypt, Oct 13, 6:26am
Considering that yahoo already provide free email to anyone and everyone, I don't quite see why it should make any difference to them. If all those (non)customers switched to overnight what exactly have yahoo saved!

black-heart, Oct 13, 9:27am
gmail already, all NZ email providers are annoyingly picky, unreliable, and certainly not worth the hassle of trying to call when there are issues.

cantab1971, Oct 13, 9:04pm
nobody should pay anything for email ! i'm trying not to be a smarty pants, but seriously!!

go to gmx.comit has great functionality, including grabbing all your existing emails from another email address.and being able tosetup filters, folders, contacts, signatures, a mobile app for your phone.the works! and its free.

xtra is a dinosaur, and there shouldn't be an excuse nowadays to have such little knowledge of the "interweb' to be with them, or even worried about losing your emails!.

travis47, Oct 14, 5:38pm
They probably have an agreement with Telecom not to spam xtra customers.

I still find it funny when I see businesses use a xtra eddress, it looks very tacky and unprofessional especially when you can get a single page web site and eddress for $40 per year with most website parking companies.

pestri, Oct 14, 5:56pm
In the last two days, my xtra mail has disappeared from Yahoo, and been transferred for some reason completely unknown to me back to Outlook on my desktop.This has caused my desktop to crash, I cannot open it , and no longer have any access to any Xtra mail, some of it quite important.

I have spent hours on the phone to the highly trained staff in the Phillipines,hangin off the end listening to musak or dead silence promises made to call back and to escalate have amounted to little.

In addition We have been ommitted from the Phone book for the second year in a row. I have spent hours on the know the rest.

If ever there was an unresponsive evasive unaccountable bunch of turkeys whose sole mission seems to be to piss their customers right off it would be Telecom.Well done Telecom.

little_egypt, Oct 14, 6:36pm
To be fair to Telecom, the first issue sounds like a configuration problem on your computer. Your internet provider isn't responsible and shouldn't have to help when you go changing the default mail program on your computer. They're not your free tech support.

pestri, Oct 15, 12:10am
Really!Ichangednothing .Zippo, so back your truck up a bit.

mattnzw, Oct 15, 12:31am
To be fair, that is most likely a problem with your computer.

Telecom don't own the phone books anymore either, so you would need to contact the company who runs that, which I believe is yellow.

mattnzw, Oct 15, 12:35am
You don't have to have changed anything 'manually'. It could have been your software, an update or something else on it that changed something. Testing it on a different computer will confirm this.

little_egypt, Oct 15, 12:35am
If mailto links are opening in a different program to what they used to, that's a setting on your computer. You may not personally have changed it, but something did. Perhaps an Office update! Either way it's not really your ISP's responsibility.

mattnzw, Oct 15, 12:37am
I don't think the free yahoo version supports sending email via smtp. There are limitations with teh free one, over the pro version which i what you get with xtra. But I would ditch them both and either use email hosting or a gmail account, until they start charging or something happens to that.

little_egypt, Oct 15, 12:55am
Hmm. perhaps I don't trust that website. they have the ports exactly the wrong way around for a start

little_egypt, Oct 15, 12:59am
. but in general. any mail provider that lets you use pop3 or imap will have some sort of smtp too. Otherwise why even provide pop3 at all!

pestri, Oct 15, 2:40am
As in!Question is how the entire email cache from Yahoo began to feed into Outlook when in fact I was accessing historical Outlook files and was not inYahoo. and as"for testing on anor computer", a laptop. a net book and Android phone all confirm disappearance from Yahoo( Saturday).Further having spent the requisite 2 hours on the phone to the Philipinnes I was told that there had been " an outage at Yahoo". that was Sunday. On Mondaythis am I phoned again to be most usefully told that emails can only be retrieved within 24 they might have been on Sunday maybe !.

king1, Oct 15, 3:06am
From you said it sounds like outlook had been set up and was in use at some time in the past.

By default older versions would retrieve mail from the mail servers (yahoo on behalf of xtra) AND tell the mail server to delete them once collected. These days most email clients (outlook etc) default to leaving messages on the server once collected.

So when you opened outlook to 'access historical Outlook files', it automatically downloaded (and removed from the server by default) all emails since Outlook was last open, as it is supposed to do.
If this is the case then it is not really a fault just the way outlook is supposed to work.

If you don't want this to happen either remove the email account from outlook completely OR set it to leave messages on the server.

pestri, Oct 15, 4:08am
It had not done this at anytime in the last 6 months,and I have accessed historic mail on many occassions in that time. Out look downloaded no new messages from any source since February, and nor did Yahoo deliver to Outlook in that time.

pestri, Oct 15, 4:12am
1. I have no contract with Yellow. contract is with Telecom.

2. Despite that I have contacted Yellow they told me then thatTelecom had not supplied the correct information, and that I was unlikely to be included 2012 either. and they were right!

king1, Oct 15, 4:55am
I do believe we are just trying to help - obviously you just want to complain

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