Iphone 3gs that was jailbroken now not working

cashintheattic, Oct 14, 11:05pm
Hi guys my 12 year old brother saved up and bought himself an Iphone 3gs on here when he got it it was jailbroken and he without thinking tried to factory reset it. Now we cannot get the Iphone to turn on and I have tried many different resets etc. Is there anything I can do to fix it for him!

cashintheattic, Oct 15, 3:14am
bump anyone!

le01, Oct 15, 3:17am
Is it not turning on at all! Not even to a screen where it has a picture of a cable to plug into iTunes!

drsr, Oct 15, 3:18am
"I have tried many different resets etc." covers so many things, what have you actually tried! Was the phone just jailbroken, or was it an unlocked phone from overseas!

cashintheattic, Oct 15, 4:09am
I think it was an unlocked phone from overseas. I have tried a soft reset where we just turn it of and on and then I tried a hard reset. I can get the plug icon into itunes but then it comes up with an error saying it cannot be rebuilt.

_drdee_, Oct 15, 6:21am
probably need to re-run the jailbreak process, unless an attempt has been made to update to the latest iOS.

Whatever the case you will have to spend some time researching, I havent jailbroken iPhones since the 4 came out and the process usually changes with each iOS version as Apple try and plug the security holes used in the jailbreak process.

I miss the days of the TIF exploit lol!

drsr, Oct 15, 7:11am
Try restoring it from DFU mode then: http://www.iclarified.com/entry/index.php!enid=1034

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