Tablet.3G with HDMI

sheryl13, Oct 13, 9:43pm
I am wanting to purchase a Tablet that has internal 3g and that I can connect to my TV and watch You tube etc.Which one is the best please

mm12345, Oct 13, 9:58pm
Are there any which do full HD on HDMI out!
The Asus tablet we have here has mini HDMI out (no 3g though - I shudder to think what mobile data costs might be if watching youtube fullHD).
The scaled (from display resolution of the tablet) result on an HDTV is pretty lousy.I'm guessing that if the tablet touchscreen display is not native 1920x1080, then it's never going to be a very satisfactory experience, unless there's some option for an external "human interface device" (IOW a good old fashioned mouse) to navigate, even if the tablet can output that resolution.

macnamara, Oct 13, 10:10pm
Acer A501 is an option

mm12345, Oct 13, 10:22pm
But it only has a 6 bit display!
I would have thought that the iPad new/retina/3 or whatever they call it might be the way to go, but it looks like that's cr@p as well for connectivity to HDTV, with a 4:3 image scaled to 1080p:,3157-9.html

vtecintegra, Oct 13, 10:41pm
If you get an iPad2/3 you'd want to get the Apple TV as well so you don't have to worry about cables.

BTW if you connect the Acer and play a full screen video it looks okay, its just the main UI doesn't scale from 16:10 to 16:9 very well (especially if you can't disable overscan on the TV)

sheryl13, Oct 13, 10:48pm
Hmm lap top might be the answer then

mm12345, Oct 13, 11:04pm
I think so - presuming you're connecting to an HDTV, then make sure you get a laptop with HDMI output. Wireless keyboard and mouse, and you should be good to go.A mini PC of some kind may be another option.

sheryl13, Oct 13, 11:19pm
Yes what u suggest

rlr29, Oct 14, 11:01pm
You want to watch youtube, on your TV via 3g!A tablet is your only consideration!

aftershok, Oct 15, 4:36am
I jave a tablet eith hd android 4 also takes simcard has cam + loads more

aftershok, Oct 15, 4:38am
Buy mine lol it has wifi supports 3g. Hdmi I want $390 wil list if wantd

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