Adobe photoshop elements 10

gizmodaisy45, Oct 11, 2:58am
can you please help. does this programme have frames and borders for photos. I dont have a book, and i cant go on line. and I cant find borders or frames in any of the menus.TIA

malachiman, Oct 11, 3:02am
Your answer is in the post ;-)

You can make border effects yourself. lots of examples on the net.

gizmodaisy45, Oct 11, 3:26am
lol. meaning i cant go on line at home. lol. gee theres some quick people here. at work. dont know if i like this adobe elements 10.

mgc54, Oct 11, 3:52am
Open an Image in "Edit" mode
Image/transform/free transform
Reduce the size of the image so it sits on the background checkerboard to the effective border size you want
Over on the right in edit mode create a new adjustment layer with the half circle symbol/select solid colour and choose the colour of your border
Hit ok
Now in the layers window on the right reverse the order of the layers, left click and drag the colour fill layer down so it sits under the image.
Hey presto, a pic with a colour border.
I have been searching for frames and themes in help but havent found anything yet, will post if I do.

gettinggrey, Oct 11, 6:31am
You could always go here and just download frames.

Says they're OK for Elements.

gizmodaisy45, Oct 11, 8:23am
thanks heaps. use to have paint shop pro once and that was wonderful for borders. but cant find any borders or frames at all in this elements 10.

gizmodaisy45, Oct 11, 8:24am
thanks gg. i dont really know how to down load. im not really computer savy and alway nervous about down loading stuff. it should be ok should nt it.

mgc54, Oct 11, 11:14pm
Try this.
Open elements 10 in "edit" mode
"File/Open" a pic
From the menu at the top select "Window/select "effects"
In the right hand editing area hover your mouse over the icons under where it says "effects"
Select the Icon that is for "photo effects"
In the pulldown menu nextdoor select "frame"
Click on the frame type you like and select "apply"
Adjusting the opacity % will affect the frame
Try the buttons next door to photo effects for other effects.
Good Luck with your experimenting.

gizmodaisy45, Oct 12, 1:37am
thanks so much. will try that tonight when i get home from work.wil post in here on monday and let you know. have just got a book out from the library called Photoshop elements 10. did try reading the Dummies one but crickey that is so complicated i might as well be learning chinese. lol

gj, Oct 12, 9:36am
If all you want to do is add frames and basic effects, Photoshop elements is way too complicated for you. Download and try Picasa (free) it will do probably do everything you want and in one mouse click.

gizmodaisy45, Oct 14, 8:35pm
yahoooooo mgc54. found the frames. thanks so much.
and gj- yes, i wish now i didnt spend the money i spent and brought the adobe elements 10 programme. I think the reaseon its so complicated is there seems to be 100 different ways of doing things. i haveteach yoursefl visually adobe elements 10 and its shows you the same thing to do about 5 different ways. (or more).

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