How play comp music through stereo via USB?

brummoi, Oct 14, 11:29am
Have mp3s on PC that I want to hear on my 90s stereo - so just standard L and R aux inputs available. The existing PC speakers use the audio out so hoping there's a USB to rca(!) adaptor. The only ones I can find seem to be the 3 color ones for a TV.Will that work!

arcane3, Oct 14, 4:30pm
You could copy my setup; my stereo has an AUX jack so I just use the 3.5mm to 3.5mm however in the back of my PC I have a 3.5mm male that splits off two 3.5mm female plugs so my stereo and computer speakers are always connected to the PC.

As for the RCA cord with the 3 plugs I see no reason why it would not work (yellow is the video output), however I believe these are available for next to nothing on TradeMe - as would the 3.55mm splitter.

Hope this helps.

stevel_knievel, Oct 14, 5:07pm
Do a search for USB sound card, the'yre on here from $4. Then use a 3.5mm stereo to 2 RCA cable to connect to stereo.

ammoola, Oct 14, 6:53pm
As mentioned above, I use one of those 3.5mm splitters (i.e. 522218268) and a 3.5mm > 2xRCA cable . problem solved

brummoi, Oct 14, 7:02pm
Awesome thanks guys. Splitter bought!

brummoi, Oct 27, 2:55am
Splitter and cable attached but sound is nasty! I guess this is because the signal is being halved and / or interference form the 'inactive' lead off to the stereo. Any thoughts please!

stevel_knievel, Oct 27, 4:51am
Turn down the volume on the computer - signal may be clipping because it's too high.

brummoi, Oct 27, 6:09am
hmm, it was more like I was only getting a partial signal through the PC speakers even though the stereo wasn't on at the time. i unplugged the leads on the stereo to no avail. I then unplugged the stereo leads from the splitter but still no good. The sound only came right when I unplugged the splitter and connected the PC speakers directly to the audio out on the sound card. The volume setting was fairly low throughout.

stevel_knievel, Oct 27, 7:42am
Sometimes the sockets can be stiff when you first use them and it can feel like you've pushed it in fully but you haven't - in that case you just need to push a little harder. Did the stereo sound ok when you tried it!

brummoi, Oct 27, 7:46am
good point and I'll try swapping them around as the stereo did sound fine

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