Using TV as a monitor? (Win7 Pro).

groovebox, Oct 14, 4:43am
Sure this has cropped up before - I was looking at getting a larger monitor - was at Noel Leemings - had a 32" LCD Panasonic for about $450 or so - HDMI input.

Or is this a "pixel size/resolution" issue I will be up against! (I have Win7Pro and a 1GB gfx card with HDMI output.)

Thanks for any input!


vtecintegra, Oct 14, 4:54am
You'll want to look for a Full HD (1080p) TV.

Even then that isn't an especially high resolution for computer usage, it's only the same as a typical 23" monitor

mm12345, Oct 14, 7:10am
Viewing distance is the key .I use a 60" display as a monitor -absolutely fantastic at 3m or so .

thecoolshop, Oct 14, 7:17am
For that price you can get a a nice 27" PC monitor with higher resolution. That would be my choice especially at close distances.

spyware, Oct 14, 7:23am
You are better off getting a 27" 16:9 ratio 2560x1440 or 30" 16:10 ratio 2560x1600. Will set you back $1500 to $2200 though.

groovebox, Oct 14, 8:11am
OK - thanks for that - appreciated. Will stick with a normal 24" Philips or LG for the time being.

intrade, Oct 20, 8:28am
i just got me a 40 inch samsung needed the linux experts to set it up for me wia ssh and teamvewer with wine but now its mint can chat in bed now with remote keyboard lol used hdmi out of my grafix card and hdmi in on tv 15$ for hdmi cable from the 2$and more shops
NVIDIA GT216 [GeForce GT 220]X.Org 1.10.4[ 1920x1080 ]
tv uses less then 80 watt and was 769$ or so from tricksmissfull hd led

mm12345, Oct 20, 8:49am
A meagre 33% increase in linear resolution over 1920 x 1080, losing 1:1 pixel mapping for full HD, a smaller screen, and 4x the price!
Nah - nuts unless you have a specific need for that resolution.

vtecintegra, Oct 20, 12:36pm
The specific need would be anything but video playback - the difference is night and day for getting stuff done. Those displays are also much higher quality than a cheap TV.

Really if you're happy with 1080p you may as well spend the $200 or so a basic 23" display costs

BTW Dell is doing some pretty sharp deals on their new 27"2560x1440 model - was under $1000 a week or so back

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