HDCP Error Samsung TV

lunar2, Oct 19, 6:07pm
My Samsung tv wont play nicely with the sky box anymore. The HDMI feed from the sky box turns the screen green and the sound cuts out.
Sky have replaced the My SKY Box with a new one and have replaced the HDMI Cable. The Sky box complains that there is a HDCP Failure.

It works fine with the RCA Scart connection. Have done a factory reset on the tv. Short of a new TV what do you recommend !

digitaltvnz, Oct 19, 6:13pm
Have you tried other HDMI ports on your tv ! does it do the same thing

lunar2, Oct 19, 6:23pm
Yes checked the other ports. When I plug my laptop in I get the same green screen.

got2bin2win, Oct 19, 8:34pm
Possibly look for a firmware update for the tv on Samsung support, or replace the main board in the tv.

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