AKAI brand TV's

henneth, Oct 19, 8:51pm
Is this brand okay !. my son has saved up and would like to buy a TV. the AKAI are way cheaper than other more well known brands. your thoughts please .

deviant.s, Oct 19, 9:13pm
you get what you pay for :) what tv in particular!

henneth, Oct 19, 9:20pm
Tis a 39inch lcd.Warehouse are specialling them this weekend for 499. then they go back to around 800.

deviant.s, Oct 19, 9:43pm
looks like it's up to todays specs, its an older technology though. (LCD rather than LED back lit). a 32 inch samsung LED is under 500 and that's not on special so it would pay to shop around for a special at other stores because you could come across a more reputable brand tv for less.

phil1943, Oct 19, 10:06pm
I don't think Akai as such is anything other than a brand name that is used to re badge other manufacturers products.

vtecintegra, Oct 20, 12:26am
The back-lighting (CCFL vs LED) doesn't really matter, except that LED lit TVs are generally more energy efficient and a bit slimmer

BTW for a cheap 40"ish option I'd be looking at http://www.jbhifi.co.nz/tv-lcd-led-plasma/sony/40-inch-full-hd-lcd-tv-sku-27279/

thewomble1, Oct 20, 2:51am
Akai was a well known brand years ago. Had a good reputation then but not sure now. I would look for a 'special' elsewhere,

r.g.nixon, Oct 20, 3:04am
Many (30!) years ago, they were good with audio products. We had a Akai TV about 15 yrs ago, wasn't very good.

floydbloke, Oct 20, 3:26am
Agreed .MY PC sound plays through an Akai amp that I bought 33 years ago.Still works like a dream.

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