Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1IN 16GB WIFI White

littkuch, Oct 20, 3:29am
i can get this for $320 aussie and dont know much about themworth it or notthanks for your input

massived, Oct 20, 5:08am
People are selling them here for around $400 nz by the look of things. So it may be an ok price for brand new. Just ensure by the time importing it you don't end up paying more due to delivery, customs fees etc.

vtecintegra, Oct 20, 5:12am
Its very dated hardware, slow last gen CPU/GPU with a relatively poor screen

If you don't mind a smaller (but higher quality) screen then look at the Nexus 7, much more up to date and running the latest software

mikep, Oct 20, 5:34am
Some facts: $320AUD = $NZ415
Pricespy: Samsung GT-P5110 Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 16GB$NZ519.00
Pricespy: Google Nexus 7 16GB $NZ399.99

You're welcome ;-)
I'm not debating the whole Nexus vs Galaxy thing, except noting that the Nexus has a smaller screen but faster processor.

littkuch, Oct 21, 3:44am
thank u for all your input

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