Does SKY TV needs phone connection?

barrie2, Oct 20, 10:26pm
This is from a section of SKY's blurb. "The Technician will need to connect to an active phone system". As I have no phone 'jack' anywhere near tele this will be awkward. Thanks.

badcam, Oct 20, 10:31pm
No. Not at all. They need it to spy on your viewing habits and you need it only if you're planning on watch pay per view movies. But, what they don't tell you is that if you want to watch pay per view, just ring beforehand and book it.

spyware, Oct 20, 10:39pm
They don't spy on any viewing habits as they don't have the technology.

spyware, Oct 20, 10:39pm
They run phone cable as well as RG6.

badcam, Oct 20, 10:54pm
They don't need to run it, but if you want a free extension (which Chorus then are able to biartch about whenever they get called in), then go for it. Just pull the plug when they leave.

hakatere1, Oct 21, 12:24am
We unplugged ours from wall after the installer left 11 years ago and never plugged it back in yet. Only need it to book movies, boxing etc.

gibler, Oct 21, 12:35am
mine is always unplugged.

elect70, Oct 21, 1:20am
1 weekend movie i wanted to watch butphone cable been out foryearsocouldntget it aseven plugging it instillwouldnt let mebook itkept sayingnotplugged in . & Sky ainton phoneon weekend . so leave it in now incase i want tobook something in small hours.

badcam, Oct 21, 2:13am
If they're not available by phone, then do it online via their website.

gingercrush, Oct 21, 2:17am
I had to unplug mine it was screwing with my vodafone internet connection.

barrie2, Oct 21, 3:37am
Thanks - however will they join into a phone cable and take 'yet another' wire around the house! If I join SKY I only expect a wire (RG6) from dish to decoder & tele!

badcam, Oct 21, 3:41am
You don't need it. You don't want it. So don't get it.

cdb007, Oct 21, 4:26am
I pulled mine out of the socket as soon after they left, then I got a letter saying that I needed to plug it in, never did and 12 years later it's still unplugged.

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