Tablet: how to watch TV on demand?

mrsbeeblebrock, Oct 21, 12:08am
Since my Android tablet updated to ICS Android 4 I can no longer view flash sites, including TVNZ and TV3 on demand.
Just wondering how others cope or do you just no longer use your tablet/ipad for watching TV!

_drdee_, Oct 21, 5:26am
The default browser should still have Flash support. Just not other Android browsers like chrome.

quotejoss, Oct 21, 6:41am
no it doesn't

mrsbeeblebrock, Oct 21, 6:58am
Thanks guys, what I did was uninstall Flash Player then reinstall it and I can now view TVNZ on FF Beta. Ironic really because previously FF Beta was the non-Flash browser.

Actually finding the Flash download was a challenge in itself mind - Google Play hid it so I had to sneak up on it via another site.

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