Shopping Channel on Freeview?

kathy100, Oct 22, 11:19pm
We have freeview, but don't seem to get the shopping channel on Channel 18. I have just re programmed my freeview, but Channel 18 comes out as TV One. Does anyone know how I go about getting it! Thanks.

velenski, Oct 22, 11:25pm
dont bother its crap.

wildot, Oct 22, 11:55pm
What kind of aerial have you! You can only get it on a UHF aerial or Sky.


It is boring as.

wildot, Oct 23, 12:02am
Sorry, Maybe this one works, have a look at the side and it tells you what aerial it works on.



datoofairy, Oct 23, 12:04am
If you get your Freeview through a decoder box, you most likely will not be able to get that channel.

gilco2, Oct 23, 12:06am
I have a decoder box and get it. Not worth watching though

datoofairy, Oct 23, 12:14am
Which is why I said 'most likely'.Some people have HD decoders, but most people just dont.

gyrogearloose, Oct 23, 12:39am
Nonsense - it's just another channel like all of the others, why wouldn't it work.

datoofairy, Oct 23, 12:44am
Because its a FreeviewHD channel only, so it is not available on satellite Freeview.

datoofairy, Oct 23, 12:44am
Because its a FreeviewHD channel only, so it is not available on satellite Freeview.
Unless of course the Freeview website is nonsense too and you know better.

gyrogearloose, Oct 23, 12:56am
This is still nonsense. The Shopping channel is being broadcast in 576i - it's not HD.

Feel free to provide a link to the freeview website which claims it's HD.

datoofairy, Oct 23, 1:03am

Scroll down to see the list of all the channels. Hover your mouse over the Shopping Channel icon and a box will pop up stating, in bold, 'Available only on FreeviewHD (via UHF)'

Is that proof enough for you!

gyrogearloose, Oct 23, 1:13am
It's fairly obvious that's wrong - it's also available on Sky.

Perhaps what you mean to say is "The Shopping channel is not broadcast on Satellite Freeview" rather than claiming this is because you need an HD decoder. It's not HD, you don't need a decoder that does HD. I used to have an SD Sky decoder and I could get the shopping channel just fine.

All you require is a Terrestrial Freeview decoder, or a Sky decoder, or an Igloo decoder.

datoofairy, Oct 23, 1:17am
Whatever. You wanted proof it said HD on the website, I gave it to you.

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