Quick help! Has been rooted (superuser access)

what on earth does this mean.there is an auction finishing in 44mins for a samsung tab 2, but it says you will need to reset because has been rooted! would u reccomend i buy this 524911866)

geek_mums.toys, Oct 24, 9:55 am

is this a tab 1 or 2!

geek_mums.toys, Oct 24, 9:58 am

All rooted means is that you can use extra apps that you can't on a non "rooted" tab. My Galaxy S3 is "rooted" and functions exactly the same as a non "rooted" S3. It just gives you access to superuser functions eg. installing a custom applications and running applications that you can install from third party and not just the google play store. reset is easy, a simple google search beings up youtube videos

geek_volcom87, Oct 24, 10:05 am

thanks volcom dosnt seem like a problem then.is it a tab 1 or 2 can anyone tell me!

geek_mums.toys, Oct 24, 10:12 am

Tab 1

geek_l_and_p, Oct 24, 10:21 am

Yeah its the 1 (well the one before the 2, there was also another before that)

Doesn't make much difference though, they're both thoroughly outdated

geek_vtecintegra, Oct 24, 5:42 pm