TV On demand on IPAD

beanezdad, Oct 23, 8:57pm
I was just wondering if you can watch TVNZ on demand on Ipad! I know I cant watch it on my Ipod touch.because it doesnt support Flash player
But how about the Ipad!

pato1, Oct 23, 9:28pm
Unfortunately, the Samsung Galaxy Tab2 is the same.

pato1, Oct 24, 8:22am
I was wrong. I have managed to install Flash on my Samsung!

mattnzw, Oct 24, 8:38am
Android tablets /phone you can install flash from the adobe website. Ipads are locked down, so you can't install flash. Contact tvnz to complain. I had heard though that they maybe releasing a tvnz ondemand app.

dawn1, Oct 24, 8:42am
Yes, I can get it on my iPad. Download an app called Puffin, and it works fine.

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