Please help me xmas shopping, Oct 24, 12:38am
righto i swear this is the last time i ask any silly tablet/ipad questions.and i am eternally greatfull in advance.

im buying darling daughter a tablet or ipad for xmas.she will mainly use it for games, youtube, googling nonsense stuff.i will be pinching it at times but only for menial things like email etc etc.she will use it for schoolwork too. please tell me in your opinion would be the best tablet/ipad, Oct 24, 12:39am
by the way i had thought approx $450 budget

jancemord, Oct 24, 1:26am
School work at school!, Oct 24, 1:28am
yes they use them at school, and would be used for homework too

jancemord, Oct 24, 1:44am
check with the school as they will possibly have specs on what is required and what works with there systems,Possibly an iPad only,You could also look at the new iPad Mini but I think that would be a bit too small for med to heavy use., Oct 24, 3:13am
524672198 is this one outdated!

jancemord, Oct 24, 5:09am
I am unsure but check with the school some are Apple iPad Only

vtecintegra, Oct 24, 5:14am

You should buy new anyway with that budget: and there will soon be a small iPad available for marginally more than $450

e. Neither of those options are 3G, but with how expensive that is here its best avoided anyway, Oct 24, 5:17am
thanks heaps vtecintegra everyone says great things about the nexus but i realllly want a bigger screen what is the next best thing but with a bigger screen

vtecintegra, Oct 24, 5:19am
The most basic iPad 2 is the best option at the cheapish end, Oct 24, 5:23am
so you dont rate a samsung or asus or acer! oh man this is a head ache and a half i just want to get it bought and paid for so im organised

thanks so much your always so helpful, Oct 24, 5:24am
i read on here someone saying you couldnt expand the memory if i bought a 16g ipad

vtecintegra, Oct 24, 5:27am
That's correct you get whatever you initially pay for.

As for other brands Asus makes some nice stuff as do Acer but they're much more than you want to spend., Oct 24, 5:28am
and you dont think i could get a reasonable secondhand one off here for that much or a bit more, Oct 24, 5:38am
thanks vtec, so sounds like an ipad 2 is the go

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