Printer problem please help

michellemc, Oct 25, 2:10am
hi i have a canon mp610 the problem is when i scan and send its comming through light at the othere end people can't read it can i darken it if so how please thanks

mickey6073, Oct 25, 2:49am
Time for a new printer, i reccommend a Epson nx130. they cost $52 to buy third party ink, Brand: perfect ink at warehouse stationairy. it has individual cartridges so if one colour runs out you only have to change that one. it prints scans and copies. and they are very economical on ink. cannons chew up the ink as they do alot of head cleaning which uses ink to clear and obstructions in the tubes. if there is a big obstruction it will use alot of ink.

michellemc, Oct 25, 3:54am
where do you get the epson from

stevel_knievel, Oct 25, 4:07am
No. You just need to read the manual. It'll be on the disk that came with the printer.

mickey6073, Oct 25, 7:33am
I got my epson from warehouse stationairy

gdnshack, Oct 25, 10:22am
I don't think it will be that wonderful for only $52.

ammoola, Oct 25, 12:12pm
Obviously you don't need a new device . yet
All you need to do is reading the manual to find out how to optimise the scan function and change the various settings. Also, it could well be a problem with the documents/pictures you are scanning.

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