HELP with printer not printing problem

henneth, Oct 25, 3:44am
Hi I have a canon MP540 printer. when I try to print anything it appears to be working but the pages come out blank !All ink cartridges are full and the little lights on them are on. son needs to use it for exams.
I downloaded updated drivers from the canon website but no luck .

henneth, Oct 25, 3:59am
Also meant to say that when I print a test page direct from printer it works fine !

shaneo2, Oct 25, 4:03am
Have you ever had it working or are there any changes since it last worked ok. (i.e is it a new printer or you just changed cartridges recently,just connected it to new pc etc)

deborah005, Oct 25, 4:27am
try a print preview, does that show up.also perhaps he has a lot of pages that are blank - by that I mean maybe he has inserted some page marks.
Maybe next thing would be to save a copy of what he wants to print and then print from that file.Does the printer name match the name on the computer.

deborah005, Oct 25, 4:28am
silly question, but did you take the sticker of the ink cartridge.

shaneo2, Oct 25, 7:33am
Lol,obviously not urgent.3 hours since last contact from OP

henneth, Oct 26, 6:18am
Hey people thanks for replys. to shaneo2. was urgent so I ended up printing my sons papers from a neighbours !.
Anyway to deborah005. thank you. yes stickers are off. strange thing is that when I do a "test page" direct from printer . it prints.But when I print from computer it appears to be printing but nothing is on the paper.
Print Preview shows normally.
Any clues anyone. and shane02. I may not repsond instantly but will check back periodically to see comments.

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