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nick135, Jun 30, 3:56am
Replacing 40gb hd with 500gb I would be guessing about replacing it, but want to answer a few questions of method. Shall I just repalce the 40 with the 500? I have the OS cds. What about the email and internet programmes and others I have downloaded. Can I transfer them acorss okay - say on a cd or flash drive? I dont have many important photos or docs that would upset me if they didnt t/fer over.

And what is partitioning exactly? Why do it?

pawlovers, Jun 30, 4:03am
Can't you just add the 500GB as another HD?

tessal, Jun 30, 4:03am
You could ghost your 40gig over to your 500gig, saving a re-install IF the 40gig has a working OS on it.

deodar, Jun 30, 4:03am
I have a Western Dig external 500Gb. The perfect solution,$250 on TM new.
Thats .50 a Gig,my new benchmark.Cant
mix&match OS's though,all XP.

tessal, Jun 30, 4:06am
Yeh as said add the 500gig as a standalone, you will need to make sure it is SATA compliant though, with your MOBO.

nick135, Jun 30, 4:19am
Not sata is ide.

nick135, Jun 30, 4:20am
If ghosting it over means just a straight t/fer across, does this mean i will retain all the malware adware etc that is the bane of everyones existance?

tessal, Jun 30, 4:20am
Thought as much yeh,you may need to get a PCI - SATA adaptor cheap enuff..bout 10-15 bucks
check trademe =)

tessal, Jun 30, 4:21am
yep,ghosting will move all the malware with it aswell

nick135, Jun 30, 4:22am
Also the plastic connector (ide connection) i only have the one of, on the tape. is it easy enough to install a second, to run both hd's or just unplug the 40gb and keep it apart, as a backup?

tessal, Jun 30, 4:25am
Check your 500gig it is SATA yes? not ide..

nick135, Jun 30, 4:28am
No, was told to get a ide connectionnot as fast i know, but, well, had to connect to the existing.

tessal, Jun 30, 4:31am
Whats the make of that 500gig nick,curious is all.

nick135, Jun 30, 4:32am
Western digi bought on tm from a local dealer

nick135, Jun 30, 4:32am
He had both types great price

tessal, Jun 30, 4:33am
Also your mobo will need to support that IDE 500gig also, there maybe limitations of HD size your bios can handle.

nick135, Jun 30, 4:34am
Only one way to find out i guesswhat would be the symptoms if the mb or bios cant handle it?

sighkick, Jun 30, 4:36am
NickYou can get a ide cable with two connectors on it if you want to keep the 40Gb as the main drive and the 500Gb for data. I bet every tech on here has spare ones available. Most computers have two IDE ports, Primary and Secondary and each can have a Master and Slave drive. You probably have CD/DVD on the other cable? Alternatively, if you want to retire the 40Gb, simply create a partition on the 500Gb to accept the OS [10Gb is generally enough] and Ghost this to the new partition. This will save having to re-register the OS after re-installing, loading drivers etc etc. It's easy enough to clean out malware, virus's and trojans BEFORE making this clone image.

tessal, Jun 30, 4:36am
It just won't recognize the drive, is all..check your mobo maker booklet or the makers website for mobo could be ok,you might not.

nick135, Jun 30, 4:38am
Okay signkick Im guessing its like a connection that leads to two others, no? Available from whereDSE?

tessal, Jun 30, 4:42am
Correct nick your on the ball

sighkick, Jun 30, 4:43am
Well, yes and noYou can get Wide Flat ribbon data cables with either two or three plugs. I have a box full of them - hell, you can have one for free. I am sure there are techs in your area who would do the same. DSE will have them, but why pay full price! :)

nick135, Jun 30, 4:43am
Damn I thought it was round and wobbly...

nick135, Jun 30, 4:46am
Would be much appreciatedcan i txt u, or u me? is it okay to post my cell number on this site...

sighkick, Jun 30, 4:48am
Not a good ideaTM take upbridge...let me post you a link to see if I have what you want...

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