Replacing 40gb hd with 500gb

Replacing 40gb hd with 500gb I would be guessing about replacing it, but want to answer a few questions of method. Shall I just repalce the 40 with the 500? I have the OS cds. What about the email and internet programmes and others I have downloaded. Can I transfer them acorss okay - say on a cd or flash drive? I dont have many important photos or docs that would upset me if they didnt t/fer over.

And what is partitioning exactly? Why do it?

geek_nick135, Jun 30, 3:56 pm

Can't you just add the 500GB as another HD?

geek_pawlovers, Jun 30, 4:03 pm

You could ghost your 40gig over to your 500gig, saving a re-install IF the 40gig has a working OS on it.

geek_tessal, Jun 30, 4:03 pm

I have a Western Dig external 500Gb. The perfect solution,$250 on TM new.
Thats .50 a Gig,my new benchmark.Cant
mix&match OS's though,all XP.

geek_deodar, Jun 30, 4:03 pm

Yeh as said add the 500gig as a standalone, you will need to make sure it is SATA compliant though, with your MOBO.

geek_tessal, Jun 30, 4:06 pm

Not sata is ide.

geek_nick135, Jun 30, 4:19 pm

If ghosting it over means just a straight t/fer across, does this mean i will retain all the malware adware etc that is the bane of everyones existance?

geek_nick135, Jun 30, 4:20 pm

Thought as much yeh,you may need to get a PCI - SATA adaptor cheap enuff..bout 10-15 bucks
check trademe =)

geek_tessal, Jun 30, 4:20 pm

yep,ghosting will move all the malware with it aswell

geek_tessal, Jun 30, 4:21 pm

Also the plastic connector (ide connection) i only have the one of, on the tape. is it easy enough to install a second, to run both hd's or just unplug the 40gb and keep it apart, as a backup?

geek_nick135, Jun 30, 4:22 pm

Check your 500gig it is SATA yes? not ide..

geek_tessal, Jun 30, 4:25 pm

No, was told to get a ide connectionnot as fast i know, but, well, had to connect to the existing.

geek_nick135, Jun 30, 4:28 pm

Whats the make of that 500gig nick,curious is all.

geek_tessal, Jun 30, 4:31 pm

Western digi bought on tm from a local dealer

geek_nick135, Jun 30, 4:32 pm

He had both types great price

geek_nick135, Jun 30, 4:32 pm

Also your mobo will need to support that IDE 500gig also, there maybe limitations of HD size your bios can handle.

geek_tessal, Jun 30, 4:33 pm

Only one way to find out i guesswhat would be the symptoms if the mb or bios cant handle it?

geek_nick135, Jun 30, 4:34 pm

NickYou can get a ide cable with two connectors on it if you want to keep the 40Gb as the main drive and the 500Gb for data. I bet every tech on here has spare ones available. Most computers have two IDE ports, Primary and Secondary and each can have a Master and Slave drive. You probably have CD/DVD on the other cable? Alternatively, if you want to retire the 40Gb, simply create a partition on the 500Gb to accept the OS [10Gb is generally enough] and Ghost this to the new partition. This will save having to re-register the OS after re-installing, loading drivers etc etc. It's easy enough to clean out malware, virus's and trojans BEFORE making this clone image.

geek_sighkick, Jun 30, 4:36 pm

It just won't recognize the drive, is all..check your mobo maker booklet or the makers website for mobo could be ok,you might not.

geek_tessal, Jun 30, 4:36 pm

Okay signkick Im guessing its like a connection that leads to two others, no? Available from whereDSE?

geek_nick135, Jun 30, 4:38 pm

Correct nick your on the ball

geek_tessal, Jun 30, 4:42 pm

Well, yes and noYou can get Wide Flat ribbon data cables with either two or three plugs. I have a box full of them - hell, you can have one for free. I am sure there are techs in your area who would do the same. DSE will have them, but why pay full price! :)

geek_sighkick, Jun 30, 4:43 pm

Damn I thought it was round and wobbly...

geek_nick135, Jun 30, 4:43 pm

Would be much appreciatedcan i txt u, or u me? is it okay to post my cell number on this site...

geek_nick135, Jun 30, 4:46 pm

Not a good ideaTM take upbridge...let me post you a link to see if I have what you want...

geek_sighkick, Jun 30, 4:48 pm

Anywayif you can txt me, Im on 021 2078466. I will reimburse any costs.

geek_nick135, Jun 30, 4:48 pm

You could also have bought a pci sata card and then got a sata drive......this may also be a way around your bios not recogising the 500gb drive....other than that you could use DDO software .....(dynamic drive overlay)....

geek_drcspy, Jun 30, 4:48 pm

I'll keep that in mind drcspyappreciate all yr imput.

geek_nick135, Jun 30, 4:51 pm


go to more details and download page079.pdf.

geek_sighkick, Jun 30, 4:53 pm

If you download that pdfThe cables I have a box full of are the ones shown on the bottom row, middle picture. That grey cable has 3 black connectors. One goes to the motherboard Primary IDE interface and the other 2 connect to two IDE devices such as Hard Drive or CD Rom. You MUST set the drives to Master and Slave [Master will be the one with your OS on]. You can set both drives to Cable Select and the one on the furthest connector will be Master.

geek_sighkick, Jun 30, 4:59 pm

I'm in favour of replacing it, as per because the new drive will likely be faster than the old drive, therefore give a performance improvement. Before you start, you need to download the drivers from the manufacturer of the motherboard, and have a virus protection program. Then install the OS, the drivers, the anti-virus, then go to Windows Updates and get all the patches, then proceed to download the email & internet programs you speak of. If it all goes to custard, swap back to the old disk while you rethink the plan.

geek_gyrogearloose, Jun 30, 4:59 pm

Sorry for delaywork getting in the way. have gone to the page link you sent, but more options provide only the one page eight boxes of items on the lhs trying trying trying

geek_nick135, Jun 30, 5:14 pm

Top cable yellowMore the pdf file. The cables I have match the one in the middle of the bottom row of the page079.pdf download.

geek_sighkick, Jun 30, 5:18 pm

Bottom one in the middle isnt that just a ribbon? Yes, its the right size, but i think i need the one into two connection60 cm Ultra ATA 100/133 Mbps IDE Cable (3 x 40 pin Connectors) Round Cable

More Details
( 58 Units)

not expensive...

geek_nick135, Jun 30, 5:28 pm

The round cables are just a little neaterand allow for better cooling in a cramped computer. The cables I have spare are the flat ribbon cables - the original style - round is a relatively new idea. I only have the ATA cables, not the Ultra cables. To use the ULTRA to full advantage, your computer needs to support the 80wire configuration. If you want flat, that's what I have - some with just one connector at each end [like you have now I think] or with a 3rd connector.

geek_sighkick, Jun 30, 5:35 pm

As per my email...,. flat ribbon is prefered. it does have the one into two connections though?

i will email my address. (if you were in auckland Id ask what beer you drink too)

geek_nick135, Jun 30, 5:40 pm

One into two equals three. |-------------------|----------| Like that one cable, three plugs.

geek_sighkick, Jun 30, 6:48 pm