Advice needed please

bubbles22222, Oct 28, 8:37am
I noticed a pop up of a error message today saying installing new hardware. non plug and play drivers . windows had not tested so recommended not to continue.

I noticed at the same time of this message from windows that AVG came up saying i had no anti virus.

I haven't downloaded or added any new harddrive lately and certainly haven't disabled my AVG free 2012 edition.

So what could be going on and how can i stop this installing hardware.I clicked on the do not continue installing but it frequently now appears and every time i go into my AVG and it says i have no protcection.Does anyone have any easy solution to never having this message again, except i don't want to continue installing when i really don't know what it is.!

Is my computer being interferred with!

hakatere1, Oct 28, 1:34pm
Personally, I would look elsewhere for av protection. I have Panda Cloud free. Set it and forget it. The other problem I just ignore and install anyway.

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