How many TV aerial outlets ?

fendie, Oct 28, 10:04pm
Hi, I already have four TV aerial plugs, but only one is used for the TV. I need three more to get them where they would be useful, but don't want to get rid of the existing ones.So would have seven in total. The three new ones would be used for (ahem) my new TV's when I actually get them. So four would be using the signal, possibly not all at the same time. I'm in Christchurch with a good strong signal. Would it be better to take another lead from the aerial, or just link up what I have! Does it matter having so many outlets ! thanks

gyrogearloose, Oct 28, 10:13pm
You would get the best signal quality using powered splitters, such as this example:

fendie, Oct 28, 10:23pm
Hmn, I see it is NZ$127, how many would I need, just one !

spyware, Oct 29, 7:40am
If you're in Christchurch with a strong signal you don't need any distribution amps and should be able to split 8 way no prob.

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