Norton 360 Multi-Device/Turns out tobe New PC only

mcscottwgtn, Oct 29, 9:08am
Hi. I purchased the above on Trademe but the punter put a picture of the box from the internet instead of a photo of the product she supplied being a 'to be sold with a new pc only' version.
Will this mean I will have issues with loading it!I plan to just use the key, will this work!
I already have an older version of 360 installed.
Feel a bit let down - wrong product supplied, and posted (it appears her employer paid for the postage I think) when I paid for courier post.

r.g.nixon, Oct 29, 9:19am
Should load fine.

mcscottwgtn, Oct 29, 9:35am
I used the key and it stated
'product key is not valid for this product'

r.g.nixon, Oct 29, 9:38am
Oh well, worth a try. So uninstall and put the new one on!
Or sell it and put Panda Cloud or Panda Global Protection 2013 on!

zeroh, Oct 29, 10:15am
Ring Microsoft 0800800004 and have the User Key No. checked . I have bought these here to find they were stolen No.s and Microsoft had cancelled as had been used several times .

chnman, Oct 29, 10:48am
Use the "Get Support" option (right-click on Norton icon on task bar) and do a text chat with someone from Symantec. This is for recent versions so hopefully will show on yours also. Explain to them the situation, and see if they can help sort out.

_drdee_, Oct 29, 6:42pm
Probably different versions of 360, requiring uninstall of old one and then install new one from disk, there is 3! different versions of 360. The OEM versions are no different to the retail box other than the size of the packaging they put the disk in, big empty box with a disk in it or just a sleeve with a disk in it.

mcscottwgtn, Nov 2, 5:33am
I did a uninstall and a fresh install of the new one - and it worked.
I had previously tried to renew online prior to the purchase of a fresh product, but failed. Bit of a waste of time using the online renew.

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