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suzanna, Oct 29, 9:39am
We have an officejet L7380 which shows the ink cartridges as being full- the printing process begins but suddenly stops approx half way down the page and suddenly 'the cartridge is empty'. We have put new cartridges in but still only get half page printing. Should it be overhauled, is it on it's way to 'printer heaven', is there anything that we could do to fix! Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

drsr, Oct 29, 12:27pm
If you unplug the printer power and plug it back in again, does the cartridge still show as empty! Is it only one cartridge, or all of them! Does it print the test page (accessible from the menu on the printer)! It's probably too old to be worth bothering with an overhaul sadly. They still make quite good scanners and you can use the scanner part even if the printer isn't working (like mine).

suzanna, Oct 29, 1:01pm
Thanks for your reply. Just unplugged it and plugged in again and didn't show empty (only the black one was showing empty when I posted before- not the four) so did the test run and that was fine. Copied another sheet and that was fine so maybe all is well.fingers crossed. Are all the cartridges different sizes! I tried to replace one of the expired ones with another but of a different colour just to try and get rid of the annoying unrelenting 'messages' but wouldn't fit. ie was going to put a second magenta one in as didn't have a spare cyan. wouldn't make much difference for us as we don't do alot of colour work. Thanks again.

drsr, Oct 29, 7:06pm
Yes the cartridges have little keys at the edges to prevent them being plugged in the wrong slot.

black-heart, Oct 30, 4:47am
Are they refilled or originalcarts!

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