Iphone 4 vs Samsung Galaxy S3 - question

redandblack2, Oct 29, 7:51pm
My galaxy S2 has crapped out, and vodafone has said because its an old model, they will "kindly" replace it with a iphone 4 (not a 4s). now, I have informed them that the Iphone 4 has been superceeded by 2 newer models also, but this didnt register. As this phone is used for work only, is it worth upgrading to the Galaxy S3, as they are better for syncing with Outlook! Is this correct, or would the Iphone 4 be a better work tool!

pyro_sniper2002, Oct 29, 7:53pm
Personally I've found iOS supports activesync (Outlook/exchange over the internet) better in our environment, but both phones will do the job just fine.

suicidemonkey, Oct 29, 9:35pm
I use my S3 to sync with Outlook. Does the job fine.

volkier, Oct 29, 10:52pm
Galaxy has a lot less crappy DRM and is a lot more user friendly imho.

nztauranga, Oct 29, 10:59pm
Feel your inner chi* it is saying s3.

carlie, Oct 30, 12:13am
I own a 4s and Galaxy s3. IMO the Galaxy s3 is the better phone, probably doesn't help that I have had nothing but problems with the 4s since I got it, am now up to my 3rd replacement.

mattnzw, Oct 30, 12:42am
It is better to compare the S3 to the iphone 5, simply base the S3 and iphone 5 are closer in their specs. Although the S3 has a bigger screen and a faster processor than all iphones

The s3 though isn't as user friendly as the iphone, nor is it as easy to backup and sync, as the samsung kies desktop software is very poor. But that said the S3 is a better phone and more bang for your buck. I got mine for $680 on sale. The iphone is one I would recommend to my parents, as it is easy to use out of the box. The S3 isn't bad out of the box, but it does lack the simplicity of the iphone eco system.

drsr, Oct 30, 1:12am
The Nexus 4 sounds great if you can wait, hopefully it will be around $550 for the 16GB model here.

ropes2, Oct 30, 3:25am
I have 'Touchdown Exchange' for my S3, it costs about $20 but is the closest thing to outlook (also supports activesync) and is much better than the stock email loaded on the phone.

n1smo_gtir, Oct 30, 3:51am
S3 all da way. Heaps of my classmates had iPhone 4s and resent it. With s3, you can change battery on the spot in event you gt flat battery and no access to charger.

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