whats the best photo printer

banjo2002, Jun 30, 4:25am
Whats the best photo printer I have 100's of pics on computer and want to print them out and I think its cheaper than a photo shop

reeb, Jun 30, 4:47am
Becha it isn't ink is so expensive and printing photos it chews it up, especially quality prints, i have an epson, cx5500, photos printed are shit.

banjo2002, Jun 30, 4:51am
I have a new epson 8300 a4 but I want one of those small photo printers the same size as you get when you have film processed

nzmu, Jun 30, 5:38am
No it's not cheaper - to print at home is approx 50cents per 6x4, most places print for a lot less. Personally I like to use digitalmax online. 19cents at the moment and their photobooks are fantastic - check them out.

shiyo, Jun 30, 9:28am
I am use fotopost been with them for years. And excellent quality and good price enlargements

peepme, Jun 30, 10:05am
Epson R800 is a beaut photo printer.Starting price about $585 including gst.My R800 is about two years old and i have had absolutely no problems with it

nzmu, Jun 30, 11:04am
Banjo your cx8300 - if that is the model, will print 6x4's if you use the correct settings.

deej5, Jul 1, 8:35am
I'll second that Epson Photo R800 is in a class of it's own. 8 ink cartridges to do the business. Sure it can be expensive using photo quality glossy papers but an A4 printed sheet still only costs me about $1.50 for paper and ink. Where will you get that done for less?

deej5, Jul 1, 8:37am
Oh yeh I also have an Epson CX8300 which I use for all my printing except photos. This saves the more expensive ink on the R800.

peepme, Jul 1, 9:44am
Deej5 Do you use the Epson printer profiles?

peepme, Jul 1, 9:46am
Deej I think cannon have a ten colour printer (A3 i think)

deej5, Jul 1, 9:16pm
,,, My print profile is same as source. That is: Camera RGB profile. I've never found it necessary to use any other. For A3 which would be high end it wouldn't surprise me if all photo printers had a bundle more cartridges. I'd have to have a wee Google to learn more.

stever68, Jul 1, 9:24pm
unless you spend a lot on a good printer - designed for printing photos, otherwise the photos will age quickly & fade. It is really cheap to put them through online services like , digital max, or Snapfish or Vistaprint or some such. If you hunt you can get them for 5c a print - which is cheaper than the overall investment for a good printer.

peepme, Jul 1, 9:36pm
Deej I use mainly one lot of photo paper and i use the profile for that paper and i buy the Fujifilm paper.Quite a bit cheaper than the Epson paper and just as good..I think the Fujifilm paper is about $18 and the Epson is about $25

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