New TV advice?

ambo11, Nov 1, 7:02am
Got a 50" LG Plasma telly, have never really been happy with the picture which appears slightly "grainy", plus when the TV is off, it's a 50 " mirror, being a reflective screen.
So Looking at a LED LCD Panasonic, 40", with Skype keyboard etc as part of the deal. Would use Skype a reasonable amount. But my question is, for normal TV and DVD viewing, would this LED LCD TV give a clearer picture than the plasma TV! Not worried about viewing angles, really only interested in a better picture than the plasma gives. Thanks.

r.g.nixon, Nov 1, 7:12am
I've got a nice old 29" CRT, if you're interested!

ambo11, Nov 1, 7:23am thanks.just managed to get rid of ours in time!

blurple1, Nov 1, 7:29am
we have a samsung 40inch lcd, i love it,its in a lounge with lots of light and isnt very reflective, we have sky digital but only reception package, ie, 1,2,3,4,12,and maori tv, and picture is clear as i would def reccomend getting HD extra on sky sport if thats what your going to watch

spyware, Nov 1, 7:45am
If you put Sky's low birate standard definition debauchery on your TV it will look like the puke vision it is on any modern TV.

P.S. I won't watch Sky's SD channels at all, I switch to Freeview HD for Choice and Prime as although still SD at least the bitrate is a bit higher.

fordcrzy, Nov 1, 8:05am
sky satellite is absolute rubbish quality. i cannot beleive i put up with it for so long.

azza20, Nov 2, 11:21am
Make sure you get a TV with 100hz, I can highly reccomend led lcd combo but owuld suggest Samsung as they make most svreens anyway. Samsung 3D smart TV cant go wrong with 100hz. Also make sure you turn the volume up and test that unless you have a home theater system to plug into. Many expensive TVs can fail on their sound.

ambo11, Nov 2, 6:02pm
Cheers for replies, yeah its a Samsung LED LCD we'll probably get, seems the best buy. Cheers

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