How to download video file from NZ Herald website

Hi guys,

How can I download a video file from the NZ Herald website. Looks like the video files are flash. Any ideas! Just trying to save a video of a news item.

Thanks in advance

geek_lalansamm, Nov 1, 10:26 pm

Do all their videos come from the same site! If not, the methods might vary.
I would probably try aTube Catcher, as I installed it recently and tested it (OK) on another site.

geek_r.g.nixon, Nov 1, 10:33 pm

You can probably get a video downloader but I never used one. You will find all the files you watch, like video files, in the temp internet files in the Internet Explorer Options in IE, and dont ask me about other operating systems. You can arrange the sizes of the temp files to find the largest to smallest, video files are usually the largest, and arrange the temp files by date so you can watch the video file then know it is the last video you watched - get it! then Copy to your Videos folder. No need for any extra softwares.

geek_olack, Nov 1, 10:37 pm!feature=results_main

A link to NZH Youtube page, the article you wish to download may be there. I use Flashgot to download from YT but there may be better options out there.

geek_sykotik_ninja, Nov 1, 10:42 pm

geek_chnman, Nov 1, 10:45 pm

Sothink downloader FFox addon

works on every video I have needed to D/L from any webpage

geek_tel4, Nov 1, 10:49 pm

Whoa awesome guys, thanks. Can't really pull it from the nz herald website by as you say sykotik it works alot easier from the YT NZ herald tv website.

cheers, thanks

geek_lalansamm, Nov 1, 10:50 pm

geek_agarn, Nov 1, 11:01 pm

usually flash videos played sit on on your hard drive somewhere. try doing a search using *.flv* in hidden foldersor some such.I am referring to Windoze XP.No idea for Vista, 7 or 8.

geek_pandora10, Nov 2, 8:51 pm

Here is a very good program to download video : ! The program will find the video in seconds you have to press 2 buttons only to find the first and the second video to download! all advise
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geek_how_can_i_downlo, Apr 11, 11:34 am