Adobe Photoshop

bks, Nov 2, 1:50am
I had it on my old computer. Elements or something. Nowfurther down the track new computer, no disk, and I miss the program. how can I get it without getting a demo or paying an arm & a leg!

thebigratchet, Nov 2, 1:58am
How did you obtained the software key for it before! You can recover it from your old computer.

bks, Nov 2, 3:14am
Old computer is long gone. the disk came with a camera I brought.Got told gimp would be just as good. but struggling with doing things on it.

r.g.nixon, Nov 2, 4:36am
How advanced do you want to go. For very basic, with layers, try PhoXo (freeware). Or Paint.NET for probably more features (haven't tried that myself).

thebigratchet, Nov 2, 4:50am
Irfanview is also good to. AFAIK, GIMP is the closest you can get to utilise PS-style tools but for free.

vaut, Nov 2, 5:01am
photoshop elements is only a couple of hundred bucks, pretty cheap when you consider what it can do for only the "basic" version

bks, Nov 2, 7:45am
Been playing with gimp this arvo, Not bad, will take awhile to get used to it but ah well thats life. Sorry but couple of hundred buck for a computer program with xmas coming up isn't an option. I've already had my share of things this yr. :)

jhan, Nov 2, 7:46am
I think I've got a disc for that lying around. I don't use it, I have the real thing now.

newbie5, Nov 2, 9:36am
If you go to Adobe website you must have registered your copy so they might have details of programs you have bought

guest, Nov 2, 10:41am
i have it for free

azza20, Nov 2, 10:47am
Search it on youtube and bingo.

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