How to get lg phone to play music through TV?

hoonin, Nov 3, 9:59pm
i have a lg p500 cell and a samsung tv and amp running off a samsung blu ray player with usb port in the front. im trying to play music off the phone through the blu ray player and it can read that there is an anroid phone but wont doesnt play any music. any ideas!

drsr, Nov 3, 10:25pm
What model TV! If it's a smart TV with DLNA you can install Skifta on the phone and play direct to it.

If you're plugging in to the bluray player through USB you may need to select the option from the notification bar on the phone that makes the files on the phone available through USB.

hoonin, Nov 3, 10:41pm
yeah going through blu ray cant see where on the phone to make files avail thorugh usb

wellystretch, Nov 3, 10:51pm
Just run a headphone jack cable between your phone and the headphone jack on the blu-ray player, and then push play on your phone's music player, easy.

hoonin, Nov 3, 10:56pm
blu ray doesnt have headphone jacks just usb

drsr, Nov 3, 11:56pm
Pull down the notification bar from the top of the screen when it's plugged in to the bluray player and there should be an option like "USB Connected - select to copy files to/from your computer".

spyware, Nov 4, 12:06am
headphone jack would be an output rather than an input.

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