Vodafone broadband offers - dodgy overcharging

wbritton, Nov 4, 3:38am
Just wanted to let people know that they should look out for Vodafone's seemingly dodgy practice I just encountered.

They are advertising new broadband packages with $10 per month off for the first 12 months.I changed to one of these plans as it was a little cheaper than my current Vodafone plan - and guess what, the discount was not given to me.

A call to their call centre resolved it in about 10 minutes, but they should really have got this right automatically, especially since the CSR I spoke to when I opted for the new plan explained how the discount works for just 12 months (and suggested that I should resubscribe in 12 months time to get the discount again)

If you have moved to one of these packages, check your bill very carefully!

newbie5, Nov 4, 10:26pm
You will find these discount plans regardles of who offers it be it Vodafone ,Telecom, Orcon,Slingshot and others, is usually for new signups not existing customers

payntr, Nov 5, 6:02am
if your not happy make a complaint to the commerce commission.

guest, Feb 27, 6:25am
I was on 60gb broadband plan with vodafone, then without letting me know or charging less, they put me back to 40gb a month. Be careful with these sneaky buggers.

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